APIs developed, delivered, and deployed - flawlessly.

Revolutionize your workflow and eliminate drudgery with test-driven development fueled by deterministic AI.

Svtoo’s Micro minimizes code management with complete quality control and effortless deployment.

How Micro Works

Case Studies - Putting Micro to Work

Deterministic AI for Precision API Development

Struggling with unpredictable AI-powered coding tools? Micro's deterministic approach ensures precise outcomes by using your API Schema and Use-Cases to generate fully functional APIs. Micro eliminates maintenance burdens, automates deployment, and enables easy updates by non-technical users, allowing you to focus on innovation.

AI-driven Code Generation Tools:

  • Builds software based on ambiguous free-form text .
  • Gives you source code for maintenance.
  • User handles deployment.
  • Any update requires a developer.


  • Builds software from structured data.
  • User is not exposed to source code.
  • Deploys for the user.
  • Non-technical users can update functionality without managing code.